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Height: 5'5''   |   Eye Color: Blue  |   Hair Color: Blonde

The link to my full Resume is below. Footage for each of the performances is available upon request. 

Conflicts are available upon request. 



Famous Characters in History  |  Lead  |  Fairfax Cable/Cheryl Rhoads

Surviving You, Always | Lead | PAC Films/Jasminner Morataya

The Morning Dive |  Lead  |  Rosso Magia/Mary Beteta​

Vanities (short)  |  Lead  |  AMDA/Derek Mateo​

Release  |  Lead  |  AMDA/Natalie Avital

The Driver | Featured | Catre Enterprise/Luis Deveze

Intervention | Featured | AMDA/Derek Mateo

Omar | Featured | Scenery Productions/Shaq Reeves

Guys Night | Featured | LAFS/Krishna Desai

Milk of Amensia | Featured | Rosee Mcneel/Breayre Tender

First Lady  |  Featured  |  First Lady Films/Nina May

Orange  |  Featured  |  USC/Julia Li

Plagiarism  |  Featured  |  NYFA/Jiani Zhou


Unusual Suspects | Story Teller | The Unusual Suspects/Jake Arky

Pickles EITC  |  International Standby  |  Pickles EITC/Xavier Hock

Beasts From The Sea  |  Mermaid/Fish  |  ZJU Theatre/Jordan Cole

The Crucible  |  Ann Putnam  |  AMDA/Barbara Schofield​

Holy Ghosts  |  Bonnie/Muriel u/s  |  AMDA/Bob Cicchini​

Simon Says: An Evening of Neil Simon  |  Betty, Julie  |  AMDA/James Bontempo

Accepted: An Afternoon of Scenes  |  Ophelia (Hamlet)  |  AMDA/Daniel Daily


I Called Mama | Featured | Tim McGraw

You're A Star | Featured | Nipsey Rashad

LA Connection Theatre  |  Improv  |  LA Connection/Kent Skov

The Art of Letting Go  |  Spoken Word  |  Found Dynasty/Ahkei Togun

Nate's Jam  |  Spoken Word  |  Yourself.Gallery/Jason Biyo

INK   |   Spoken Word    |   AMDA Cafe/Amy Weingartner​

Raise the Barre  |  Slam Poetry   |   AMDA Cafe/Tracy Silver​

Cafe Series   |  Slam Poetry    |   AMDA Cafe/John Sloman

It's Personal |  Spoken Word   |   AMDA Cafe/Michael Deragon


BFA Acting- AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts

Acting:  Anthony Barrow, Jennifer Bloom, James Bontempo, Daniel Daily, Matthew Orduna, Paul Perri, William Plake, Judd Williford

Dance and Movement: James Kichler, Tracy Silver

Dialects: Deborah Ross-Sullivan

Improvisation: Katey Mushlin, Michael Perilstein, Timothy Tamisiea

On Camera: Natalie Avital, Cain DeVore, Robert Manning, Emily Nelson

Shakespeare: Eric Scott Gould, Roxanna Stuart

Stage Combat: Lacy Altwine, Timothy Brown, Greg Dolph, David Hastings, Rod Kinter, Judi Lewis-Ockler, Maggie Macdonald, Nathan Mitchell, Travis Sims, Joseph Travers, Christi Waldon

Voice Acting: Stuart Levin

Voice Production: Verity Branco, Christopher Neher, Toni Smith

Voice (Singing): Angel Hart, Elizabeth Moulton

Special Skills

Stage Combat: Unarmed, Single Sword, Rapier and Dagger, Broadsword, Found Objects, Stylized Fighting, Dives, Rolls, and High Falls, Weapons Training: Handguns, Semi-Automatic and Automatic Rifles, Throwing Knives, Archery, Dialects: RP British, Cockney, New York (Italian), Appalachian, French (Paris), Irish (Dublin), Italian (Milan), Russian (Moscow), Australian (Melbourne) Sports Experience: Softball, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Swimming, Cricket, Tennis, Boxing, Weight Training Other: Singing (Soprano), Beginning Spanish, Teleprompter Training

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